Towed slipway trailers


Suitable for most hull shapes

Roodberg's slipway trailers are designed in such a way that you can launch & and recover boats of various sizes and weights and transport them to and from the storage facility or yard.
  • The height-adjustable frame, equipped with pads, fits seamlessly to the vessel's hull and ensures that it neither moves nor is damaged under any circumstances.
  • The trailers have a U-shaped, high-quality and low-maintenance construction.
  • The lifting cylinders of the trailers are home-made and have pilot operated check valves for optimum safety.
  • You adjust the width and height with the hydraulic system of the towing vehicle.
  • The pulling vehicle can be a tractor, but also wheel loader, a telescopic handler or a fork-lift truck.

Length adjustable

By using length-adjustable drawbars, you can transport boats of different lengths.
With a steering drawbar, you can manoeuvre the boat in any position.


A data sheet is available after submitting your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

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  • you park more boats on your site
  • compact, manoeuvrable, simple and flexible in use
  • quick return on investment due to time savings through short cycle times
  • limited maintenance and inspection costs
  • preventing damage to the hull of boats
  • solid, safe and durable
  • choice of towed and self-propelled slipway trailers

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