From 10 to 30 tonnes

A slew crane is the alternative to a boat hoist. A slew crane itself takes up much less space. It also requires a much lower investment, in foundation, pavement and in the product itself.
  • The combination of a column slewing crane with a Roodberg transport trailer ensures full utilisation of the available space.
  • The crane is fully electrically powered and therefore the 100% environmentally friendly alternative.

Ultimate perfection in its class

  • The operation of the crane is easy to learn, especially with the ergonomically designed radio remote control.
  • The crane can rotate an unlimited 360 degrees, which makes it possible to position a boat in any desired location.
  • Because only one person can take a boat in and out of the water with the crane, you are more flexible.
  • All components inside the crane are easily accessible.
  • Durability, long life span and low maintenance costs are an important principle for all Roodberg products! We achieve this by: applying high quality materials, think of standard, stainless steel guide strips, hot dip galvanised fasteners, the use of stainless steel electrical cabinets with stand heating, a very high quality two-component paint system where hollow spaces are sealed and parts are provided with curves for optimal edge coverage.
  • Due to its larger radius, the YCR has a much greater reach than a standard crane. This means that boats can be placed further away from the crane and several boats can be positioned side by side within the turning range of the crane.
  • The YCR is suitable for hoisting masts from ships.
  • Roodberg can provide a unique spreader bar for the YCR that can even be used to lift yachts with a standing mast.
  • With the YCR, boats can be turned hanging in the crane.


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  • the alternative to a boat lift because of the lower investment and less space required
  • fully electric cranes
  • simple operation
  • crane can rotate 360 degrees
  • suitable for lifting masts from ships
  • lifting of boats with standing masts
  • durability, long life span and low maintenance costs are an important consideration

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