We proudly present our latest innovation:

The E-Axle
The unique electrical powered pulling vehicle for boat trailers

Why the E-axle:

Environmental friendly
First and foremost the environmental friendly solution to move boats. No emission. Additional advantage of an electric motor is of course the lack of noise

Maximum efficiency
The e-axle is Suitable for flat terrain as well as slopes
With the remote control, you can move it easily and maneuver in small areas

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Profit from the Roodberg quality products

Don't throw your money in the water.
Get your boats in and out of the water and profit from the quality products Roodberg has to offer.

Our customers have a big advantage:

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Roodberg Boat Handling

Roodberg RBT47V hydraulic trailer at Safe Harbor Greenport. Roodberg Boat Handling
#hydraulictrailer #Roodberg #boathandling

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Roodberg received Award

RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam,

On the first day at MetsTrade, Roodberg received the prestigious Boat Moving Marine Industry Award 2019.

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"As good as the day we brought her"

Richard Kember, Managing Director of the Tidemill Yacht Harbour Ltd sent us this picture of the PHA 35 Hoist: "3 years old, having her quarterly year grease, wash down and annual engine service. I can only guess we have completed 1000 boat lifts and she is as good as the day we brought her, thank you."

Tidemill Yacht Harbour have been using their Roodberg Trailer for over 30 years now, and the PHA 35 Hoist for three years. Their PHA 35 has a forward mounted crossbeam which enables larger yachts to be lifted with the mast still standing – saving money and time.

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Roodberg goes public… Mets Trade Amsterdam, 19-21 nov

Meet us at stand 05.407, Marina Yard Pavillon, and we tell you all about Roodberg.
Click here for your ticket.

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Trailer RBT60 SDHD is going to work in Zeeland (NL)

CCA Yachtcleaners Bruinisse is very happy with their new trailer: RBT60 SDHD

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The easiest way out: with a Roodberg trailer

This video is about Uniesse 65 Feet Hauling Out.

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Our trailer RBT47 makes RQYS very happy!

“Thanks to the Roodberg RBT47, not only have we doubled our number of haul outs, the broad capacity to lift multis and large powerboats is great value to our members and visitors.”

Marina Manager, RQYS

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