Our HBC38 trailer at Millbrook UK

Great to see the HBC38 trailer serving Multihull Centre well!

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HBC38 hydraulic haul out trailer in action at Medana Bay Marina

Our HBC38 in action on this exotic location, handling cats and all other yachts Medana Bay Marina Lombok
Thanks for your trust in our products!

More info, read the article at Sea World

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The latest technology at Roodberg

International representatives learn about our latest technology.

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Our 30ton hydraulic trailer in action!

Sabbatical and Avant Garde are launched with the brand new Roodberg Trailer!

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Today in the spotlight…

Our 47ton hydraulic boat trailer in action in Athens, Greece
Video: Roodberg 47t boat trailer, Greece

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38t trailer in Finland!

Our 38ton in Finland launching a nice motoryacht!
Film: Hanko Boat Yard

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Future engineers at Roodberg

Hosting 40 students from Hanzehogeschool Groningen, mechanical engineers in the future.

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On the job

The brand new 47T Roodberg Trailer has been put to work.
Tauranga Marina Society (NZ) sent us this picture of the recovery of a trimaran. Tauranga Bridge Marina is a modern facility consisting of 500 fully serviced marina berths.  The Marina is located on the East Coast of New Zealand inside the Tauranga harbour.  

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Rough weather

Rough weather at the North Sea, which means ideal conditions for the KNRM to excercise.
Maarten van Rijn took this spectacular picture:

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Merry Christmas