The ULTIMATE and LOW BUDGET solution to get catamarans out of the water is now available!

A growing number of catamarans are sailing around the world. These types of two-hull yachts combine luxury with a large cruising area. However, fleet owners and private CAT owners are increasingly experiencing problems getting their catamarans serviced. Standard boathandling products to remove boats from the water, as used around the world, cannot handle these wider catamarans, as the dock and/or boat lift are often too narrow to lift them.

The growing demand from marinas and shipyards for solutions to this problem has led to this innovation, a unique CAT handling solution. Roodberg, the well-known specialist and manufacturer of tailor-made solutions for boathandling equipment, has designed and thoroughly field-tested this comprehensive range of support methods.
Ready for use under the toughest conditions!
Not a huge self-propelled machine, but a multifunctional versatile solution, without high operational or maintenance costs, that is the Roodberg hydraulic slipway trailer. This trailer allows you to manoeuvre optimally, not only at low operational costs but also at limited investment costs. Moreover, this trailer is suitable for all types of motorboats, sailing yachts, fishing boats, patrol boats or even a Trimaran.

A Roodberg slipway trailer does it all!

A range of 15, 20, 30, 40, 47, 60, 80 to as much as 100T is available on request.
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