Roodberg 60T solution for 'pocket-sized' Super Yachts


In early April, Drimmelen Yacht Center commissioned a new and unique Roodberg slipway, transport and storage trailer with a load-bearing capacity of 60T. This trailer transports yachts with lengths up to 24 metres safely and rapidly to the 'Yacht Hotel'. Owners Huub and Cees de Koning: "A trailer that fits perfectly in our exclusive full-service concept". 

Full-Service Yacht Hotel
Drimmelen Yacht Center is a full-service provider for yacht owners. The Center offers unique, state-of-the-art storage facilities in new halls with extra-high access doors. The term 'Yacht Hotel' is very fitting, given the quality and the care offered to the yachts. The high quality of the storage facilities is matched by that of maintenance work, yacht painting work and refits.

No hoisting necessary
The Roodberg hydraulic slipway trailer does away with the need for a yacht hoisting installation. Damage to the hull is prevented because yachts no longer have to be suspended in hoisting straps. Newly painted or polished yachts are transported with the utmost care. Proud yacht owners find this very reassuring.

An all-terrain all-rounder
The new slipway trailer is used for yachts between 6 and 24 metres long. Yachts as heavy as 60 tons can be transported on any terrain without any problems. Level differences are not an issue due to the unique Roodberg undercarriage with 4 axles and 16 wheels. This system lowers and distributes the weight across the surface, smoothing out uneven terrain and cushioning any shocks.

Time savings
Because the slipway trailer makes a hoisting installation superfluous, working time per ship is significantly reduced. When yachts are launched, they no longer have to be taken over by a yacht lift. This means that a launching only takes up a fraction of the time that it used to. Moreover, there is no risk of damage from hoisting straps.
If required, the Roodberg trailer concept can be supplied as a one-man operation system, enabling a single person to perform the entire transport job with virtually any tractive vehicle. And that can save a lot of costs too.
All that is needed is some assistance from the yacht owner.

Improvement on returns
Cees de Koning is very happy with the new all-rounder at the Yacht Hotel in Drimmelen. De Koning: "It has made work a lot faster, easier and safer. The trailer can manoeuvre yachts with centimetre accuracy, so it optimises the use of space in the storage hall. The new slipway trailer and the Roodberg support are a perfect and professional complement to our company."