Static power cranes

Investment quickly recovered

Roodberg has column swivel cranes in various designs and weight classes. Depending on your situation, location and activity, you can choose from the following types of cranes:

  • with electric or hydraulic power;
  • with a hoisting capacity of 1 to 100 tonnes;
  • with one hoisting yoke or four independently controlled and mobile hoisting points

Based on our many years of experience, we are happy to advise you which type of crane is best suited to your situation, activity and budget.

Why opt for a Roodberg column swivel crane?

  • compact, manoeuvrable and easy to operate
  • smart and maintenance-friendly design
  • solid, overdimensioned and smoothly finished (steel) construction
  • composed of the best materials and easily obtainable parts
  • choice of various types, weight classes and custom work
  • quick return on investment by saving on costs for maintenance and wages

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