Roodberg has been designing, manufacturing and supplying cradles; supports for boat storage and lifting frames etc. for boats of various sizes and weight classes for over fourty years. Roodberg is the inventor of the worldwide known T-shaped boat cradle which can be transported with all Roodberg slipway trailers.
  • Roodberg boat cradles are developed and manufactured to high quality standards and are standard hot dip galvanised. This guarantees a long life span and gives the marina / yard a professional look
  • The unique three-point design of the Roodberg boat cradle is the safest and most stable boat support because all the side supports are connected to each other and cannot move, this is better than single supports
  • Roodberg boat storage material is calculated for wind speeds up to 32 m/s (12 Beaufort), in combination with optional lashing straps and supports
  • This cradle is particularly suitable for motorboats
  • The angle of the polyurethane cushion system, which adapts seamlessly to the hull of the vessel, is adjustable
  • The side supports are laterally connected and adjustable in width
  • The boat is easy to position on the cradle, faster than with any other type of cradle, thanks to the easily height-adjustable side supports
  • The boat can be placed on the cradle using a slipway trailer
  • The cradle is easy to transport using a forklift truck


  • strong and maintenance-free
  • most stable boat cradle, as the frame and all side supports are interconnected
  • available in different weight classes
  • accurately adjustable
  • easy in use
  • durable

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