New Roodberg PHA100 hoist for the Port of London Authority

The Port of London Authority have recently taken delivery of a brand new Roodberg PHA100 boat hoist, supplied via The Pontoon and Dock Company Ltd. Located at Denton Wharf, this is the second Roodberg machine at this site, complimenting an RBT30 hydraulic boat mover trailer.

This hoist has been purchased to replace the smaller capacity machine from another manufacturer which had been in use for around 10 years. As well as being able to lift larger vessels, the PHA is more fuel-efficient (stop-start technology), eco-friendly and much more manoeuvrable. It means the PLA Marine Services team can lift the majority of the authority’s more than 40 vessels out of the Thames and deal with a wider variety of third-party Thames boats too.

“Replacing our boat lift with a new, higher capacity one underlines how important this operation has become, both to the PLA and the wider Thames community,” said PLA marine operations director, Peter Steen. “Over the past 10 years we have invested more than £10 million in creating at Denton the well-equipped boat yard and load out facility it is today. Bringing in a higher capacity boat lift, with greater functionality, means we’re well set for the future.”

PLA mechanical and electrical engineer Dave Fallows said: “This new equipment is able to deal with all our heavier vessels, with the only exception being London Titan. It’s much quieter than the existing machine, with heavy duty industrial tyres considerably reducing the risk of punctures.”