5 May 2017

Scoop: Roodberg 60T solution for 'pocket-sized' Super Yachts

  • Roodberg RBT60VHF slipway trailer at Drimmelen Yacht Center

  • 'Comfortable' transport of any type of yacht

  • Bas Hof (Roodberg) congratulates Cees de Koning and his team on the RBT60VHF

Drimmelen, 4 April 2017

In early April, Drimmelen Yacht Center commissioned a new and unique Roodberg slipway, transport and storage trailer with a load-bearing capacity of 60T. This trailer transports yachts with lengths up to 24 metres safely and rapidly to the 'Yacht Hotel'. Owners Huub and Cees de Koning: "A trailer that fits perfectly in our exclusive full-service concept". 

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25 April 2017

Scoop: new Roodberg CT25SD for larger yachts

Eeuwe de Jong happy with unique “one man operation” Cradle Transporter

The Scheepsmotoren Eeuwe de Jong shipyard in the Frisian town of Heeg had a real first. A beautiful 'Lemsteraak' boat was moved to its location in the yard in record time using the new Roodberg CT25SD Cradle Transporter. The new Transporter is the answer to securely and rapidly moving heavier yachts over both rough and paved boatyard terrain. "It's an all-rounder", enthuses Eeuwe de Jong.

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7 February 2017

Record breaking - twice!

World's biggest yachtcrane delivered on most northern Harbour of Europe!
This family operated and remotely located yard opted for this typical Roodberg handling solution.


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