ROODBERG: proud partner of the KNRM

In the coming years, the KNRM (the Royal Dutch Rescue Company) will replace the Valentijn class lifeboats with the new Van Wijk class. The Van Wijk boats are named after Riet and Jan van Wijk, the testators who left money for the construction of the first boat in this series. In several places along the coast, where there is no harbor, the KNRM has mobile rescue stations; lifeboats launched with a beach launch and recovery trailer . Roodberg is proud to supply the launch and recovery trailer to this valued customer. A tractor-boat-trailer combination drives the rescue boat quickly on the beach and safely into the water, often under difficult conditions. The lifeboats can be deployed up to wind force 12.  Worldwide a unique system!

Both the boat and the trailer have passed all practical tests with flying colors. Check this movie where the lifeboat is launched by the new Roodberg beach launch and recovery trailer to see what it looks like.